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Precision Science Editing specializes in English language editing. We are scientists who serve other researchers worldwide. When you hire us to edit your manuscript, you invest in the hard work you have put into your research, analysis, and writing. Our clients’ success in publishing demonstrates a positive return on this investment.

Whom do we help?

Researchers from around the world use our services to publish their work in English. Are you preparing a manuscript for a peer-reviewed academic journal or book? Writing responses to reviewers, conference proceedings, a technical publication, or a grant proposal? Finalizing your dissertation or distilling it into one or more journal articles? We can help you to optimize the message, impact, and overall presentation of your writing and to maximize your chances of publication.

How can you benefit?

We will help you improve the clarity and flow of your writing, from the sentence to the document level, to help create a powerful manuscript that will proceed quickly to peer review, or from peer review to publication.

We provide suggestions for ways to improve or clarify your message. We flag inconsistencies in the text and make recommendations where we believe information is missing. We focus on improving conciseness while retaining the author’s voice.

Top reasons authors choose Precision Science Editing:

1) Experience: Our editors are native English-speaking researchers with advanced degrees and publication records. Our team has provided professional editing and publishing services to hundreds of clients.  Click here to read more about our Qualifications.

2) Quality: Our attention to detail sets us apart. We will examine your manuscript at the document level and character by character to ensure consistent, logical, and accurate presentation. We provide constructive comments in the edited files to help ensure that authors meet the requirements of their target publication and the standards of their discipline.

3) Quick Turnaround: We offer competitive turnaround times. We will neither rush through your manuscript nor keep it longer than necessary. Click here to see our Regular and Expedited Turnaround Times.

4) Quality Guarantee: Our quality guarantee ensures that the language of your edited document will meet the high standards required by the international publishing industry. In the unlikely event that a publisher would require English language corrections to a document for which we have provided Substantive Editing services, we will assume responsibility for those corrections at no additional charge, except where new text has been added or changes have been made to the edited manuscript.

5) Privacy: Precision Science Editing takes your privacy seriously and we actively work to protect your intellectual property. Our company does not sell or share your information with any third party at any time. We require our editors to sign binding non-disclosure agreements that prohibit them from revealing any portion of your intellectual property to any external party. We also require our editors to destroy all work files after completing an editing assignment.

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