Turnaround Time Copyediting Substantive Editing Journal Formatting Reference Formatting
Standard $0.065/word $0.100/word $90 flat fee $3 per reference
Expedited $0.085/word $0.150/word $150 flat fee $5 per reference

Prices are in United States dollars (US$).

Pricing for Revisions

Revised manuscripts are edited on an hourly basis at a rate of $100/hour for standard turnaround time, and $150/hour for expedited turnaround.

Turnaround Times

Number of Words Estimated Return Time* – Standard Guaranteed Return Time* – Expedited
Up to 3000 5 days 2 days
3001-5000 7 days 3 days
5001-8000 9 days 4 days
8001-12,000 10 days 5 days
>12,000 By arrangement By arrangement

* All return times refer to business days (Monday – Friday).