Precision Science Editing proprietor, Dr. Anne Altor

Anne Altor - Precision Science Editing


PhD, Environmental Science, with minor in Soil Science, 2007. Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio. Summa cum Laude.

BS, Environmental & Forest Biology, 2003. State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry, Syracuse, New York. Summa cum Laude.

Summary of Qualifications

∴  Thirteen years of experience in scientific writing, editing, and peer review

∴  Doctoral and post-doctoral field and laboratory experience

∴  First author of four peer-reviewed publications:

    • Altor, A. E., 2010. Green Roofing in Indiana: Case Studies and Design Notes. Journal of Green Building5: 50–68.
    • Altor, A. E., and W. J. Mitsch, 2008. Methane emissions and carbon dioxide fluxes from wetland mesocosms: effects of hydrologic regime and hydric soils. Ecological Applications 18: 1307–1320.
    • Altor, A. E., and W. J. Mitsch, 2008. Pulsing hydrology, methane emissions and carbon dioxide fluxes in created marshes: a 2-year ecosystem study. Wetlands 28: 423–438.
    • Altor, A. E., and W. J. Mitsch, 2006. Methane flux from created riparian marshes: relationship to intermittent vs. continuous inundation and emergent macrophytes. Ecological Engineering 28: 224–234.

∴   Co-author of additional peer-reviewed publications:

    • Jun, M., Altor, A. E., and Craft, C. B., 2012. Effects of increased salinity and inundation on inorganic nitrogen exchange and phosphorus sorption by tidal freshwater floodplain forest soils, Georgia (USA). Estuaries and Coasts 36: 1–11.
    • Mitsch, W. J., Zhang, L., D. F. Fink, M. E. Hernandez, A. E. Altor, C. L Tuttle, and A. M. Nahlik, 2008. Ecological engineering of floodplains. Ecohydrology & Hydrobiology 8: 139–147.
    • Mitsch, W. J., L. Zhang, C. J. Anderson, A. Altor, and M. Herhandez, 2005. Creating riverine wetlands: Ecological succession, nutrient retention, and pulsing effects. Ecological Engineering 25: 510–52.
    • Halpern, A. D., C. A. Boesse and A. E. Altor, 2001. Bad seeds: an introduction to invasive plants. Clearwaters, New York Water Environment Association, Inc. Spring issue.

∴   Author of book chapter:

    • Altor, A. E. Biology of Wetland Soils. In Wetland Soils: Genesis, Hydrology, Landscapes and Classification, 2nd Ed. 2014. Taylor & Francis.

∴   Extensive experience in ESL / ESOL editing

∴   Proficient with CSE, CMS, AMA, and APA styles

Write to her at A.Altor@PrecisionScienceEditing.com