Editing Process

  1. Request a FREE Quote

    • Select your desired services from the “Editing Services” dropdown menu. (Learn more about editing services and return times.) If you are not sure which services would be best, select “Help me choose” and we will recommend the best option after evaluating your manuscript.
    • Upload your manuscript files. Click the ‘Choose File’ button and select the files to include with your quote request. Text files should be in Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx). We recommend that you include your figures and tables (we accept .xls or .xlsx, .ppt, .pdf, .jpg, and other file extensions) even if you do not want them to be edited; graphics are important references that enable us to give you additional feedback.
    • Click ‘Send’ to submit your FREE quote request.
  2. Receive your quote

    • We will email a no-obligation quote to you within two business days.
  3. Acceptance

    • Sign and return your quote to us.
    • We will begin working on your manuscript upon receipt of your signed quote.
  4. Service

    • Your manuscript will by edited by a subject matter expert, using the “Track Changes” and “Comments” features in Microsoft Word. Click here to see Editing Samples.
    • Your edited files and invoice will be completed and emailed to you within the time period specified by your chosen return time option.
  5. Payment

    • Payment of your invoice is due upon receipt of your edited files. We accept credit card payments through PayPal, and we accept bank-to-bank international wire transfers. We can prepare a departmental invoice at your request.
  6. Followup

    • We will be happy to answer your questions after you review the edited files.